The idea came from the Meet Up, which is meetings that are organized between entrepreneurs and funders to make start-ups viable, that is, to give USA WhatsApp Number List the initial economic boost to great ideas of small entrepreneurs. It bears this name because. Standing up. After all, it is a moment that allows many. Meetings and exchange of contacts. Which requires certain agility.

The origin It was at one of these events, the. Hamburg Unity Meet Up, with more than 530 members and 8 events already.  Organized, this idea arose and. For the first time, with great success. In the beginning, it had a simple structure: two speakers, a time to socialize, and a time to exchange contacts. Little by little he demanded more participation, as it is a very restless public. Hence the idea of ​​creating a panel that could show the interests of the audience in real-time.

There Was No Such Platform, and So They Created It

For a list of questions for a speaker, through Live-Ask, facilitates the whole process. Since it is only to share a link and the participants ask their questions. And vote for those that interest them most, in this way the list is created and it is organized by several votes automatically in real-time. Step by entering the platform enter the name of the event; enter the question you want to ask. Ready! It didn’t take 30 seconds.

The Platform Generates a Link that Will Be Yours Alone,

to administer the survey (you have the option to give your email and receive the link by that means ) and another link and QR code to share the survey. You share the link with the participants of the discussion and in this way they ask questions and vote on what interests them the most, helping you, in this way, to moderate the event.Live. ask the revolution of real-time polls. Live-Ask does not answer your questions but allows you to establish an order of priorities between the questions to be asked.

Anyone with the access link can ask a question and also vote on the question that is most important for them to discuss. And it is not limited to one day, this platform allows a discussion group to continue working remotely up to 30 days after the event is created.

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