During the month of june, every year we attend pride month, during which even large and. Small brands promote the cause of th Spain phone number list  that stands for lesbian , gay. Bisexual , transgender , queer . The year 2021 marked a substantial increase in this type of communication. From the brands we all know. Why all this? Let’s analyze the phenomenon that has led companies. To approach the cause of the lgbtq + community and what this trend has entailed. First a little history: 70s. The years of flared trousers, stevie wonder and protests. Advertising begins its path of inclusiveness. In this period a ne Spain phone number list  mainly due to the restrictions that do not allow. The use of words such as gay and homosexual.

The Brands That Deal With These Issues

Therefore, begin to Spain Phone number promote themselves only in niche magazines. And newspapers, dedicated to those communities. Furthermore, in 1978 the iconic rainbow. Flag was born. 80s-90s it is in this period that messages of inclusiveness begin to. Arise in traditional media. Despite this, brands do not communicate certain themes directly, but use tricks , sending non-explicit messages. In this way, commercials and television initiatives begin to treat diversity as a theme, and to what extent. This can be a value. Early 2000s even in politics we are starting to discuss these issues. The first laws that . Allow gay marriages are born. Advert Spain phone number list icit, direct and. Present tones on the issue.

The Market Is Ready: Companies Can Afford to “take Risks”

Spain phone number list

Consequently to send messages. Regarding the cause. The tones remain precautionary, but traditional media (n Spain phone number list e widely. A link between the lgbtq + community and marketing is starting to. Emerge more clearly. Today the reality compared to previous years is very different. The cause is increasingly. Integrated, italy is also getting closer to these issues, which have always proved distant for the population. Part of civil society, in fact, believes it is ready to take a step forward to promote respect for the lgbtq. Community and for the different. In the west, the debate is becoming increasingly heated. The Spain phone number list brands are not far behind.

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