In order to say “no” safely and assertively, the first thing you have to get out of your head is that a “no” is a negative thing .  If we do not say “no” in time, we will end Denmark Email List up falling on impossible promises and creating many more problems in the long term.

Therefore, it is much more effective to make the boundaries clear up front.Of course, so that our “no” is well received, we must have an alternative prepared . For example, explain why we think there is a better way to do that task or why it is not a good time or, if there is a service that we cannot provide to a client, recommend another professional who can help you.Reasons to say “no” to a The budget is not enoughIt’s very simple: if we want our company to be profitable, we have to spend our time and resources on projects that give us sufficient profitability .If we do not know how to say “no” to clients on a tight budget, we will not generate enough profits on time and, what is worse, we will miss opportunities that are perhaps much better paid.Sometimes, in times of project shortages, it is very difficult to pass up opportunities. But if we accept a project that does not compensate us, we will always end up losing.

Therefore, my advice is that you are clear about your minimum rates and are willing to say “no” to projects that cannot reach them.2) The client’s ideas do not serve usSometimes the client is convinced that he wants to implement a specific idea for his campaign, but our experience and our knowledge tell us that it will not work.It is a delicate situation, but we have to be clear that, as professionals, we have to be able to advise and guide the client , including saying no when necessary.In the end, what the client needs from us is that we provide results, not that we follow their ideas to the letter. So if you find yourself in this situation, my advice is to reframe the matter tactfully and using the tools below to say “no” in a healthy way.3) We are not able to do what you ask of us It is impossible to be experts in everything. A marketer , or even an agency, specializes in a number of services, but there will be others that they cannot offer with quality guarantees .In this case, we have to be honest with ourselves and with the client.

Sometimes the best option will be to outsource or delegate this service, but if this does not pay off, we can directly recommend another agency or professional.4) We need to put limits on our timeExcessive meetings, endless and unproductive WhatsApp conversations, calls after hours … all of these are factors that waste our time and increase staff dissatisfaction.Before starting a project with a new client, we have to make our expectations in terms of communication very clear : meetings, number of reports, communication channels … and say “no” to client requirements that go beyond these limits. .5) The client is not aligned with our values Having clear values ​​is a fundamental key to happy companies. Values ​​guide our work and motivate us to give our best every day. No matter how important a client is or how great an opportunity is: if it is not aligned with the values ​​of our company, it will create difficulties for us in the long term .How to say “no” without generating conflict 1) Take care of your languageWhen we say “no” to a client, we must offer a well-reasoned argument and with assertive phrases . Don’t be tempted to disqualify what the other person has said; Just kindly comment on your point of view.Word choice is very important, as negative and aggressive vocabulary can make the other party feel attacked and defensive. Remember that what we are trying to do is convince, not impose.

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