Different stages of the sales funnel require different content strategies. When we talk about the bottom of the funnel, success stories are one of the best content to convert leads that have already been qualified and are Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List closer to the purchase, Therefore, you must show that you are different from your competitors, that you offer many more benefits and effective results.

The Problem Is that They Are Tired of Always Hearing the Same

thing from all companies …So how do you show your leads that you are what you say? That is precisely the function of a success story: to present stories of real clients who have already had results with your business. In this article, you will better understand what the role of success stories in the sales funnel is and how to develop this type of content so that it is efficient.

Continue reading! What is a success story? The success story, also called a case study, is a type of content that presents stories from real customers who have had successful experiences with the acquisition and use of a company’s product or service. But the intention of these contents is not only to collect performance graphs or simply to show how happy the customer is. A success story must tell a real and inspiring story, supported by storytelling, structured in three key elements: the customer’s problem; the company’s solution; the results obtained. This story should persuade other consumers who are interested but still undecided. Should I invest in this product? Can I trust this company? These questions are common for those who are already in the final stage of their buying journey.

It Is at That Moment that The Case Study Responds: This Is What

we have already done for our clients! We can do that for you too. That way, with real experiences from those who have already tested and approved your company, you can earn the trust of your leads. At Content, for example, we always show a series of case studies. But nothing prevents a B2C company from using this content format to talk about their customers who obtained positive results with a product or service.


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