Without the proper qualification, your sales team will waste time. People who are not ready to buy and you will have a bigger job to generate new leads. That is why lead scoring exists, a technique that helps increase the Egypt Phone Number List efficiency of Inbound Marketing and makes the companies that apply it more solid.

Do You Want to Know how Lead Scoring Works? Then Keep Reading,

as we are going to show you right now! What is lead scoring? Lead scoring is, in simple terms, a way to rank your potential customers by points. At the same time, their actions (such as downloading rich materials, answering surveys, etc.). Also count points, as they indicate interest in your message. What types of classifications does lead scoring cover? There are three types of leads that are quite popular when we talk about their proximity. At the time of making the purchase decision and their compatibility with the ideal customer profile of the company.

Information-Qualified Leads (IQL)IQs. In Spanish: potential customers qualified by information. Are those leads who have the profile of your ideal customer and who. Despite having provided you with personal information, have not yet expressed a real interest in your specific solution. This type of lead will only have greater value for you if it makes other interactions that show you that it is evolving and maturing towards the purchase process.

The Better You Know Your Leads, the Greater Are the Chances of Only Getting

Then, the sales team will not spend unnecessary time addressing leads that are not close to buying and will be able to be more accurate indirect contacts. Most effective strategies generate and nurture leads it is necessary to have a series of ongoing strategies, including content marketing and nutrition flow. You also need to have a strong social media presence and use email marketing with precision. As your lead scoring process matures, it is possible to apply a kind of inverse analysis to see, for example, which content was the most successful among the leads who made the purchase. It is also possible to discover the patterns in the language of interacting with them and in the networks, the most effective mail variations, and landing pages.


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