The webinars or webinars are content in video version that focus on providing knowledge and training. In many cases, the content is broadcast live, leaving a space for questions from the audience, and then it is recorded and stored on a platform to be able to reproduce it on demand. The duration can be variable, but is normally limited to 1-2 hours maximum.The objective of the webinar is to explain a topic in depth, for Dubai Email List example: How to use a digital tool or program.The benefits of a certain product or service.Serve as an introduction to the topics that will be covered in a longer course.Share knowledge on topics related to the sector in which the company works to position itself as experts in it.

Typically, webinars are made available to users for free . Signing up is considered a clear sign of interest in the brand sector and can serve as a basis for introducing the user to our lead generation strategy .As it is extensive and focused content, if a user has attended a webinar (or has even actively participated by asking questions), we can consider it a quality lead.How to create your lead generation webinar step by step 1) Define the basicsThe first step is to be clear about what you want to achieve with the webinar : in addition to capturing more leads for your database, you may want to promote a new product or service, position yourself as a benchmark in a specific sector, clear up doubts on a related topic with your brand, etc.Next, you will have to specify some key elements of the webinar : What is your target audience.How many people are you going to host the webinar?The day and the hour.The duration of the webinar, both of the presentation and of the time devoted to questions. In this article on digital marketing webinars you can see more information on how to solve all the technical aspects.3) Create the landing pages and recruitment formsOnce you have defined the main details of your webinar, you will have to start thinking about attracting people to it. The idea is to capture as many users as possible who can become leads, but always taking into account technical and management

As in any lead generation strategy, we will have to create a landing page where we explain the most important information of the webinar and invite visitors to join through a form. Since we are offering high-quality content, we can create a longer form than usual. In this way we also make sure that we are attracting quality leads.4) Promote the webinar through email marketing As part of the form to attract potential clients, people interested in attending the webinar will have left their email address. Therefore, you will have to create a series of emails that are sent automatically to registered users, indicating the day and time of the event, how they can connect to it and what are the options to interact. At a minimum, they should receive a first email upon registration, a reminder shortly before the live broadcast begins, and a post-event email with a link to the recording.In addition, it is also interesting to send an email announcing the webinar to the users of your email marketing database .

Do keyword research focused on attracting people interested in learning about the topic of your webinar and link it to the landing page that you have created to promote it.3 keys to success for your  content has boomed with the  pandemic, and webinars are no exception. Many brands have realized the potential interest of this format, and that has increased the competition and it can be difficult to attract users.For this reason, has been interested in the factors that help to attract attention and make users sign up for your webinar and has distilled them into these 3 keys to success.1) Content focused on the passions of your target audience asked users what type of webinars they were most likely to attend. 27% chose “webinars that teach me more about my passions or hobbies”, 24% chose “webinars that entertain me” and 18% selected “webinars that teach me something about my career or professional sector”. 22% selected “all of the above”.The bottom line is that users are more likely to attend webinars related to hobbies and free time, but even so, if you dedicate yourself to B2B, your potential audience would be around 40% of consumers.

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