Associate your forms with your . A is software that allows you to collect all the information from your contacts and develop your relationship with them. For everything to flow seamlessly, your forms should send lead information directly to .Limit yourself to 3-4 fields per form. The fewer Malta Email List fields your formulation has, the more effective it will be for generating leads. Of course, for the lead to be of quality, the fields must be very relevant to your buyer persona .

Lead generation better strategies with smart forms. Smart forms “remember” the information a user has entered and ask new questions with each visit. In this way, you can enrich the user’s profile in the database without having to ask too many questions at the same time.Limit the fields with manual input.

In general, the faster you fill out the form, the better. Sometimes you won’t be able to avoid fields with manual entry (for example, email or phone number), but try to limit them as much as possible.Try different formats. There are multiple options to integrate the form strategy on your website: embedded forms, independent pages, pop-up or sliders, banners … Explore the possibilities to see which one best suits the design and user experience.Do A / B tests . Not sure what is the best design or text for the call-to-action button? Create different variants of your form elements and run systematic A / B tests to see which option works best.Be clear and direct.

Present your offer as clearly as possible and make sure you meet the expectations you have created.Link the forms to your automation strategy. For example, you can design a series of automated emails that start to be sent the moment the user fills in and submits the form.

Make sure your forms are GDPR compliant . Remember that the user must give their explicit consent to be included in your database and receive commercial communications from your company. For the avoidance of doubt, you can opt-in double.Take advantage of native lead generation solutions with forms. Both Facebook (with Facebook Lead Ads ) and Google (with Lead Form Extensions) have form solutions built into their ads. If you use these advertising platforms, be sure to take advantage of them as part of your lead generation strategy.

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