Kraft macaroni and cheese today launched a multichannel. Campaign aimed at destigmatizing the notion of. Comfort, including Panama Phone Number comfort food, per an announcement. Shared with marketing dive. It is the first standalone. Campaign from kraft macaroni and cheese. Focused on the brand and an emotional message as opposed to. The product, per the release. “Help yourself” — a play on the portion size “helping” — features a skip. Challenge on tiktok that asks consumers to Panama Phone Number illustrate. How the cheesy product makes them feel by creating. Their own version of a joyous skip dance shown in the campaign’s 30-second spot. The spot emphasizes the importance of pursuing comfortable things like. Mac and cheese and will run across social channels.

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The wellness-focused effort sees the cpg. Tapping digital pathways to virality in order to boost its new. Message. Dive insight: kraft Panama Phone Number macaroni and cheese’s. First standalone campaign asks consumers to rethink. How they approach comfort and, by extension. Comfort food — an oft-unhealthy category that typically. Encompasses mac and cheese. Citing the pressures of a fast-moving society that looks down upon comfort. The cpg is aiming to replace this negative. Connotation instead emphasizing the Panama Phone Number importance of comfort as an act of self-care and “being. Honest about what makes you feel good. Per the announcement. Wellness has increasingly been adopted in brands. Marketing as the pandemic has drawn larger. Attention to issues of mental health.

Through the Panama Phone Number Skip challenge

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On tiktok, kraft macaroni and cheese is hoping to leverage virality in order to expand its message’s reach. The challenge is directly inspired by the dance move featured in the Panama Phone Number campaign spot, which could potentially. Expose young tiktok users to the creative they would not have seen otherwise. Kraft macaroni and cheese. Has previously seen success on the Panama Phone Number social video platform, but like other brands interested in young. Audiences, it is stepping up engagement with its own challenge. While the tiktok generation is an important. Target, the underlying brand purpose of “help yourself” expands kraft macaroni and cheese’s overall. Audience beyond families and children, per the announcement. In addition, This tactic is reflect.

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