One of the great achievements of online marketing versus traditional marketing is the ability to quantify and measure all the actions we carry out on the Internet. But we Kazakhstan Email List must be clear that the metrics and the KPIs are not exactly the same, since normally the metrics are all the data in general that help us to know if we are achieving the objectives that we have set, but the KPIs – although they are also metrics – these are only those indicators that we define as necessary to assess the effectiveness of the action.

DEFINE is essential that the first step is the definition of the objectives of the campaign. Know where we are going and what we want to achieve. It is even optimal to prioritize which goals we are interested in achieving first and which ones more in the medium and long term. This is the key to obtaining useful and real results.

YOUR MARKETING on the objectives that we have set, we will decide our online marketing strategy and the weight that each of the digital channels should have.DEFINE the two previous steps have been completed we can go on to choose the Key Performance Indicators or KPI’s.

Those that will really be necessary for us to quantify and evaluate whether the actions we have taken to achieve our goals are being a success or not. We will discard all those metrics that, although they may add information, will not be useful to us to detect the effectiveness of the measured actions.When the analysis of the KPIs begins to provide us with data, we will be able to identify which processes are being fruitful and which is better to modify, change or simply eliminate.

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