The term HTTPS, from English as Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol. Has the particularity of incorporating the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol into the website. This protocol guarantees the security of Honduras WhatsApp Number List in the transmission of information on the Internet, as it will be encrypted, which means that no unwanted person can access the data. The sites with this protocol began in 2000.

Although Its Adoption at The Beginning Was Low. It Is Becoming

Why is having an HTTPS site essential today? Due to the multiple cyberattacks offered through the Internet. It has become necessary for companies to have a trustworthy website, which guarantees the security of the information provided.

Here are the main benefits of having an HTTPS website: Better positioning. Given the notices that appear today when a site does not have a certificate. Access to pages that do not have this certificate is declining. And likewise the reputation in front of search engines. So we can say that, although it does not directly affect SEO, there is a background that damages the site. Confidence when providing data: When a warning appears to the visitor that your website is not secure, would you expect to receive some type of information from that person?

If you are starting a content marketing strategy, reputation and authority positioning require managing a website with this feature. Content Marketing a content strategy can be easier than you think. Download the form malware or viruses on the web: SSL protocols are responsible for scanning the page to find and eliminate possible virus threats within your website.

Confidential Information of Your Website Properly Encrypted

You provide security to users of the data they provide on your website, and that thanks to the encryption will not be available to any unwanted person. How to migrate to a site? You can start creating a website from scratch that already includes the security certificate, or also modify it in case it does not have the SSL certificates. Next, I am going to present you the steps that you must take into account to carry out this migration.1. a backup of the data you have on your website.

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