As we mentioned, this practice consists of using the keyword excessively. In the content, that is, it is the exaggerated inclusion of the same word to try to position. Itself in the search engines. And, one of the ways to do Keyword Stuffing – and the most common – is through blocks of text. For example, let’s say our keyword is “perfumes,” so our text would look something like this: “We are an established company whose job. It is to produce the most pleasant ‘perfumes’ for our customers. Our “perfumes” have even won countless Slovenia Phone Number List and are the most desired. Perfumes today the best part is that you can find perfumes. In perfume shops around the world, online, and even with independent distributors. Our “perfumes” are ideal to give as gifts to your partner, children, mom, dad, there are “perfumes” for everyone!

However, After a Few Days, You Will Find That It Will Start to Go

But why? Because the Google algorithm has already determined the black hat, leading to an algorithmic penalty. And although before 2011 you only needed to add the keyword you were looking to position many times to occupy the first results, currently, it is nothing like that, since, although you do need to add the keyword, you must do it accurately. And of course, there are other ranking factors as well, such as Domain loading the site is Mobile-friendly or excessive use of the search the content has specialty, authority, and reliability (EAT) Originality, length and depth of grammar, punctuation, and external


Among the Main Risks, We Find: Increase the Churn Are Looking

The absence of being a key SEO strategy consists of another blog or website directing their content to yours, which only happens if they consider that your content is of quality.A penalty by is no doubt: by using Keyword Stuffing, Google will penalize you. And this can happen in two ways: The website will fall in the rankings instead of climbing and earning your reputation will be a doubly difficult job. Google searches the positioning of those results that coincide with the search intent of the users.


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