Later made famous by philip kotler. Considered the father of contemporary marketing. The 4 ps indicate the Chile b2b list elements that make up the marketing mix. That is the set of decision- making levers on which companies can act with the aim of influencing the consumer’s choice. The marketing mix consists of: product : is the product or service that is sold, with all its characteristics. And tangible components, its functional elements and its strengths and weaknesses price : refers to the pricing strategy. That applies to the Chile b2b list product.

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Your product to the target audience . The Chile b2b list marketing mix is ​​a set of factors that together define the success. Of the business. If you pay a lot of attention to just one of the marketing levers, getting the desired results. Will be very difficult. All p’s have equal importance. The 4 ps of marketing apply to every area of ​​business, including. The Chile b2b list food sector. They are still relevant even in the contemporary context in which digital has taken over. A training course , or jump straight into the experience.

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The type of product offered is also important to determine in. Which market Chile b2b list segment an activity is positioned. High quality raw materials place a restaurant in the luxury range. Also allowing the adoption of a higher price range. The price refers, in fact, to the price strategy applied . We must in fact consider that the price also communicates something about the restaurant : it makes us understand that. That restaurant offers a quality offer and excellent service. But be careful: a high price Chile b2b list range must always.

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