The Gobi on Innovation event is into three online Japan Phone Number sessions lasting two hours each.  A three-day course in which the well-known management consultant Gary Hazel will explain. How to become a Japan Phone Number bringer of innovation and lead change within the company organization.

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On Monday 23 November the theme of the session Japan Phone Number will be “Taking innovation seriously”. Hazel will illustrate why innovation is more important now than ever and explain. How to learn to Japan Phone Number think like a true innovator freeing the daily genius” is the theme that will be treat on Tuesday 24 November.

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Gary Hazel will explain how to turn employees into entrepreneurs by making innovation. A key skill.Finally for the last meeting on Wednesday 25 November, “Innovating where it is most needed”Gary Hazel will show Japan Phone Number how to get rid of bureaucracy and restructure the innovation Japan Phone Number management model.

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