A good marketing strategy cannot be “assumptions.” Professionals and companies must have real information to define the best way to act in the market, and the conversion rate is one of the main tools used to achieve this. However, its applications are much broader and deeper. Data collection, while essential in any marketing job, is not Taiwan Phone Number List enough to get results. It is necessary to understand this information, organize it and make it compatible with the brand’s sales, communication and relationship actions.

In This Sense, We Can Understand the Study, Analysis, and Actions

out to increase conversions as intelligence instruments in a business. But what does this metric represent and how to improve results? That is what we will cover in this article. Join us! Why increase the conversion rate? What is the relationship between conversion rate and ROI? Why are your conversions low? How to optimize the conversion rate? What practices contribute to the highest number of conversions? How to increase the conversion rate with the READY framework? Why increase the conversion rate? To increase the conversion rate of leads, sales, loyalty, or any other indicator of success, we must provide optimizations in the structure, design, and content of the pages. The objective of all these practices is one: to get more people to take relevant action for the business.

The Equation that Describes the Conversion Rate Is: Conversion Rate

several conversions / total number of users x 100 The most popular type of conversion on the market is selling. However, many managers tend to understand both terms synonymously, which is not true. In effect, we say that a consumer “converts” when action in the planning, that is, the action the CTA. We could measure, for example, the proportion of visitors who continue reading this article, considering as conversion the fact that a user continues reading after the introduction. In this case, it would have already “converted” – and it should be noted that there are plugins capable of measuring this. In Digital Marketing, this metric is often used to measure the conversion of leads, but as we already mentioned, there are no restrictions in this regard. A content strategy can include several types of conversions because the buying process has several stages.

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