Inclusion consists of including a group of people who think, act or feel in a certain way within a larger group. When we talk about inclusive marketing we refer, then, to the creation of content with which these groups can feel identified . The idea is to eliminate barriers and give a voice to those people who, by thinking or acting in a certain way, have been able to feel, at some point, discriminated against.In other words, the main objective is that all people can feel reflected in that message regardless of the color of their skin, their nationality, their age, their sexual orientation, their gender … All the content created within a Inclusive marketing campaign should be thought-provoking and, above all, respectful.Why you should have an inclusive strategy in your Luxembourg Email List the public feels reflected and heard is one of the main reasons why an inclusive strategy should be included in any digital marketing action.

In addition, this is a way to show a much more real image of the society in which we live. To this we must add all these benefits: It is a way to reach all types of people and, consequently, increase the number of potential customers.It is much easier for the audience to feel identified with the brand , as well as to sympathize and connect with it.The public has much greater respect for brands that follow inclusive marketing and show society as it really is.When the public connects, trusts and respects a brand, the results are much better , since they prefer to buy from it than from another.Inclusive marketing strategies have many benefits for a brand.

However, these must be applied in a natural and respectful way, since doing it incorrectly could generate the opposite effect, including contempt for the group to which it refers.How to apply inclusive marketing inclusive marketing actions is not easy, since, as we have said, it must be done, above all, in a natural and respectful way. We explain what you must take into account so that your strategy is a success.Know the sensitivities of your  the audience is key, and in this case, much more in-depth research needs to be done than you normally would. In addition to knowing their age, education level, religion and other information, their concerns, concerns and, especially, their sensitivities should be known .

It is about having a much deeper knowledge of the type of person who could be interested in that product or service so that when the actions of a marketing strategy are carried out, their feelings are not damaged . All this research requires time and resources, but it is very important to carry it out in order to be respectful and close.Explain true storiesThe more real the story that is being told, the more impact it will create on the audience. Many brands make the mistake of representing a certain group in their campaigns in a way that has little or nothing to do with reality. In these cases, this group will not be represented and, therefore, the brand will not be able to attract their attention and interest.If you want to reflect a very specific profile of society, it must be shown as it really is so that they can identify with it. Explaining real stories, the brand gives a much more sincere, close and committed image.Seek the union of your audienceAll groups are joined by a value, a cause or a feeling. For a brand it is very important to find what unites them so that it appears reflected in the message that it wants to convey.

If the message transmits what serves as a link between the different individuals that make up one or more groups, it will get their attention and get them to become interested in the brand. Of course, it is very important that the message transmitted corresponds to the actions carried out by the company. That is, it is useless to convey a message and act in a totally opposite way.Use inclusive, thoughtful and understanding languageThe language used is as important as the message itself. Everything has to have coherence, so if it is aimed at a young audience , a youthful and modern language should be used, even blatant. This applies to all types of groups.Using the appropriate language, the message will be much closer and understandable for the audience you want to reach.Guarantees the representativeness of all groupsLet us remember that it is about being inclusive, so it will be necessary to have representation of all the groups that make up today’s society . That is, although the message is aimed at a very specific profile, it is about showing real life and, in it, people of different ages, different religions, different nationalities coexist …If only one type of group is represented in the strategy, we would no longer be talking about inclusivity. One can be given more prominence than another, since the objective is to capture the attention of the public who will be interested in that product or service, but several groups must be represented to talk about inclusiveness.

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