There is no compensation plan but they appear to have Belgium Phone Number good training. For most people this may be a litle expensive, but it appears to be onre of the better services. They suggest the $99.95 price point is for a limited time to increase urgency. TALK FUSION This incorporates a very easy to use interface, enabling video emails to be on their way in less than 5 minutes from Belgium Phone Number the first mouse click. The templates are great and they will even design a professional template for you with the Executive package.

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Nevertheless, for a free service providing you only want to send short messages to people yo know, it would be OK. There is no video conferencing, and the basic service can’t be loaded Belgium Phone Number onto youtube, etc. JIVE SYSTEMS At $99.95 a month this is a premium service. You can have up to 60 minute videos, although I am not sure why you would have one that long on Belgium Phone Number an email! There is a free trial, but you have to enter credit card information to do it.

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Deliverability is fine. There is no mention of free autoresponders. EYEJOT This is a FREE service if you want to send videos less than 1 minute long. You can upgrade to a Belgium Phone Number 5 minute service for $99.95 a year with tracking. No referral commissions are payable, and there are no autoresponders. Once again, the actual video template is a fairly ordinary and not eye catching.