to explain the inbound sales methodology in detail. I want to stop for a moment to reflect on a key aspect of the entire. Inbound philosophy customers. Nowadays we must be able to adapt to the behaviors. Of the digital client, which fit much better with methods. Based on Switzerland Phone Number List attraction compared to traditional. Invasive techniques Today’s consumer has become the center of attention for brands. Who must focus on understanding their needs and desires to offer them valuable solutions? One of the most important keys of current users is that they investigate. Before making any purchase, use means such as search engines. The official website of the companies, email, or social networks.

They Are Also More Demanding with Brands Since They Seek Both

and immediacy in their communications. To get to know customers better and get the most out of interactions with them, inbound sales applies two tools that we are going to see below: the buyer journey and the buyer persona. A buyer journey is a tool that captures the consumer’s entire journey in the form of a map, from the moment they come into contact with a brand for the first time until they become a loyal customer. Thanks to him, we can see what are the moments of contact between brand and customer and what is their importance.

Each Buyer Journey Is Different Depending on The Circumstances of The

user and the brand, in general, we can distinguish these three phases: Knowledge: the user has a need or a problem that he wants to solve. Research: the user performs a search of the options on the market to solve this need or problem.Decision: Finally, one of the solutions convinces you more than the rest and you decide to buy the product or hire the service in question. Having a buyer journey allows us to align internal and external visions, clarify key points of contact, detect dangers and opportunities and better personalize our marketing.

All this leads to a better purchasing process and, ultimately, to a greater number of conversions to sales. Buyer person buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of our ideal clients. Knowing who we are addressing helps us to know what to communicate and when thus increasing the conversion rate. Buyer Persona Template – CanvaThe key to developing a good

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