Tied to the retailer’s “host masters” competition, the new track stems from research showing most tiktok. Users prefer brand videos with Nepal Phone Number an original sound. Published nov. 18, 2021by robert williams kea released. The first episode of its “host masters” social video series that features original music. The image was retrieved. From its video on nov. 18, 2021.Ikea this month released. An original holiday-themed song as part of a broader. Campaign that celebrates social gatherings among friends. And family who couldn’t get together last year due to the pandemic. The Nepal Phone Number new anthem, titled “feels just like a holiday. Marks the first time the world’s largest furniture seller. Developed original music specifically for social video.

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The glow of those candles from ikea,” the song mostly focuses on the warm and cozy feelings that often come. With holiday gatherings. That theme is consistent throughout the brand’s broader “host masters” campaign, which includes a video series viewers can watch on devices like smartphones. Ikea partnered with mobile.Video publisher group nine media and song candy, a creative agency that produces original songs. For brands, to Nepal Phone Number create original content for the “host masters” effort. The anthem is grounded in research that. Shows 65% of tiktok users prefer videos from brands that feature an original sound. In addition, 58% of. Tiktok users said they felt more connected to Nepal Phone Number brands when the music was enjoyable. “We do anticipate that. This year’s holiday will be way different from last year.

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Communications manager at ikea said by email. “people will most likely be gathering — in smaller and careful. Groups but the Nepal Phone Number consumer indicators and guidance right. Now does show that people are comfortable. With coming together this year unlike the last holiday.” with its fresh holiday anthem, ikea becomes the latest. On the other hand, Marketer to adopt a strategy of audio-based. Community-building that includes branded songs, albums. Mixtapes, playlists, musicals and podcasts. Brands like carmaker lexus, mondelez’s oreo cookies, online. Retailer lulus and procter & gamble’s. Febreze have adopted musical branding strategies to Nepal Phone Number engage. Gen z consumers as their spending power continues.

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