Ever since I was a kid in digital marketing, I remember very well hearing my grandmother talk about how no content marketing strategy leaves the place Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List without backlinks, and at a certain point, she was right.

The same works for websites when the subject is, so it is interesting that you get the maximum. Of quality links and not links that are unrelated and of low relevance. This happens because these quality links will be one more. The factor for your page to have an excellent performance in the SERP. Of any search engine. How Low Relevance. Links Affect Your SEONot only on quality links does the marketing professional live. The fact is, you don’t choose who links to for you. People can simply link to your site when they deem it necessary.

Therefore, Rejecting Links Is Not a Simple Marketing Action,

but something strategic that everyone responsible for the marketing of the site should pay attention to. It is important to know that there are different types of Link juice: also called link equity, it means the authority transmitted from one page to another through a link in the .links: they do not convey the authority of the page to the .links: transmit the authority of the page to the destination.

Low-quality links: toxic or doubtful links considered of poor quality.Internal links: internal links placed within a page that lead to a page of the same domain.Anchor text: the visible and clickable text of a link, like this article on anchor texts.

Links that Negatively Influence Your Seo.To to Identify

this type of is not as clear with users about the score points used to identify a low-quality link. What we have of information is in a mention about the link schemes on Google’s page, which addresses what is subject to penalty, it is important to highlight this part: Links intended to manipulate a site’s or ranking in Google search results can be considered part of a link scheme and a violation of the Google Webmaster Guidelines. This includes behaviors that manipulate links to your site or links on your site that go to external sites.

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