of customer acquisition (CAC) is the amount paid by your company for each new customer.When your company invests, for example, $ 5,000.00 a month in customer acquisition and conquers 10 new consumers, each of these completed deals cost your company of all the values ​​Venezuela WhatsApp Number List in the acquisition of new clients/number of clients acquired Why is it necessary to reduce the CAC? Now that you know what customer acquisition cost is, it’s time to understand why you need to reduce it. When a client costs $ 500.00, he only starts to bring real profit when your ticket exceeds that value. If your company’s average ticket is less than that number, your customer is still hurting your business.

The Low Cost of Customer Acquisition Is Responsible

for the increased profitability. The cheaper each new customer costs for your company. The lower the value of their purchase must be so that it begins to bring good. Results for your business, which will maintain profitability. And sustainability. The frequency of purchases is what will ensure the real profits that come. To your business, cooperating for its growth and development. How to reduce the CAC of SaaS services?. The cost of customer acquisition (CAC) is one of the most. Important metrics for the health of your company.

Also check how the SEO of your website is: is it well worked? Good SEO allows you to better position your pages and attract more and more people interested

The Lifetime Value Means the Lifetime of Your Clients with Your

The lifetime value will help you identify which customer groups are most interesting to you and will allow you to optimize your communication actions to attract those with the best fit with your solution. By attracting the right customers, you can increase profitability and lower the cost of ownership through a focused and well-structured strategy

4. Building loyalty and encouraging the recommendation of new loyalty is one of the most important points within a company. Loyal customers help you attract new consumers through the indication or recommendation. So the more satisfied they are, the better! Loyalty is also essential to increase the profits of your company. For example: if the cost of acquiring customers of your business is $ 300.00, the average ticket of each of them must be higher than that value:


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