For this campaign, we designed a landing page titled ” 50 Online Marketing Trends and Predictions 2018 “. In it, we encouraged users to leave us their information to download a PDF guide of the same title. As in all our campaigns, we focused on the landing page meeting these requirements: Contain all the necessary information so that the user is clear Bahamas Phone Number List about the benefit and is encouraged to leave their data. Include a balanced registration form, that is, keep it as short as possible but contain. All the information we need to qualify the lead.

Have a simple and clear design. Starting from these parameters, we designed two versions of the page and put. Them to the test with a multivariate test (multivariate testing or MTV).

How to Multiply Lead Generation 2 by Two the Keys to Success

a cleaner design, where the white background predominated and placing the form closer to the top of the page. Of course, by doubling the generation of leads for the same number of visits, we also managed to drastically reduce the cost per acquisition (CPA). Moral: never forget to test different variants of your campaigns! If you want to know more about this topic, you can sign up for the free Academy course: ” Increase the Recruitment of Qualified Leads “.The basics of lead generation although sometimes a seemingly simple change can produce spectacular results, we must not forget that for this to work we must have well prepared the “foundations” of the campaign.

Mofu or “middle of The Funnel”: At This Stage, the User Is

different options, among which is our brand.BOFU or “bottom of the funnel”: the user is in the final phase and only needs one push to convert. Traditionally, we think of the phases of the conversion funnel in order. That I have just mentioned since logically there are more users. In the TOFU database than in the BOFU database.

But when it comes to generating leads, our method proposes to turn the funnel around and start focusing our efforts on the users who are closest to converting. In addition, each phase has different techniques and tactics: In the BOFU stage, we will try to attract users through search advertising campaigns (SEM) and retargeting, that is, we target users who are doing very specific searches around our brand or who have already carried out some action in our web.

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