Every company, including ecommerce. Also thanks to Morocco Phone number the constant increase in advertising costs and competition, reaches a point where one wonders if. In addition to the spasmodic search for new customers, there are more effective ways to increase turnover. Of course, the answer is there and it’s calle customer retention. Before continuing, however, let me reveal a bitter truth to Morocco Phone number you. If you have not yet dedicated yourself to customer retention. You will most likely find that around 60-80% of all your customers have made just one purchase. Usually this happens because most companies mistakenly believe that the first purchase is enough for the customer to become loyal. When in reality the trust and loyalty towards a brand are.

Which Brand Would You Buy?

Factors that are buil over time through repeate interactions (or purchases). What is customer retention? Customer retention consists of all the Morocco Phone number activities and strategies aimed at increasing customer loyalty, both in terms of loyalty to the store or brand and in monetary terms. The goal is therefore to ensure that customers stay as long as possible within the company by making as many purchases as possible, in order to increase the economic value generated for the company. Summarized in one sentence, customer retention aims to increase the economic value of each customer, the so-called clv or customer lifetime value. Before continuing to read, I invite you to Morocco Phone number answer these questions: if you had to change your smartphone.

Where Do You Usually Go Shopping?

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Is there a clothing brand where you never miss at least one item from each new collection? Sometimes love is at first glance, but often a long period of courtship always follows before starting a lasting relationship. Here, you can see customer retention as the courtship that Morocco Phone number precedes engagement. Why build a relationship with customers already from this introduction we can understand the potential of keeping a loyal customer. But to Morocco Phone number dispel any doubts let me show you some supporting statistics. A harvard business review study showed how a 5% increase in retention rate can lead to an increase in profits.

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