Any expert in Digital Marketing and SEO has the primary objective of positioning their sites in Google to reach the eyes of all users who search the search engine for South Africa Phone Number List a solution to their doubt, problem, or pain. However, what happens when we don’t want a URL of ours to appear there? Well, this is possible by de-indexing the website and in this post. We will tell you how to do it, in which cases it is necessary to perform. This action and what consequences it has. Now, you may be wondering why a person or organization would want to de-index a web page. From their domain in the eyes of Google or others.

But, De- Indexing Is Often an Important Practice to Improve the

A marketing strategy or to offer a better user experience. Next, we will explain everything from the beginning so that you learn what this practice refers to, its uses, consequences, and a step-by-step on how to do it correctly. Ready? Read to the end! What is de-indexing a page? Indexing applied to SEO refers to the practice of allowing a URL to appear in search engine results, that is, to be within Google’s index. In simpler terms, it is the way you make a web page available so that search engines can find it, access it, and analyze it to determine its relevance to the search intentions of users.

Therefore, if We Generate a, We May Affect Sessions, Sales, or The Timing of Traffic.

However, this process cannot be done randomly and some practices make this action a strategic activity to generate better business results. Do you want to know them? Keep reading! ebook how to improve the performance of your website which cases are these actions necessary? The reasons for doing this can be very diverse and range from eliminating pages that do not meet the organization’s quality standards, to “deleting” them to generate others that are more up-to-date with current conditions. For this reason, we will separate by cases the scenarios where de-indexing can become a beneficial and productive

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