An empathic content is the synergy between images, videos and texts that allow us to empathize with. The user. It has the characteristic of being useful, relevant and usable for the user and not merely. Self-referential for our brand. It aims to become familiar to our target and to win their trust; to transform each. User’s touchpoint into an extra step within our funnel to make it progress in a natural and progressive. Way until conversion. To create empathic content, which at the same time help us gain confidence and. Move closer to conversion, we need to carry out a careful analysis of the target and our positioning on the market. Basically, when Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone number we create content we must always have in mind the mantra. “Who we are for who we are”.

Why Is It Important to Write Empathic Content?

But the first question to ask: why create content?. It is thanks to the Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone number contents that we reach the company objectives; only by informing our target in. An emotional and rational way of who we are and why he should choose can we lead him to trust us. Especially today, in a hyper-competitive market, it is no longer enough to buy advertising space to get people’s. Attention and time. Today people are more and more informed, selective, demanding and above all involved. Daily by new stimuli of value. It is only thanks to the contents that we make  Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone number ourselves known. Without shouting “Buy buy” or using manipulative techniques. As marketing professionals our task is to inform. Through empathic contents.

The Target People That We Have a Solution

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Capable of bringing a positive change in their lives. So we will have their trustbasically we have to inform and stimulate those who have a problem to make them. Understand if we are the right company for them. Through a structured information path (funnel). We must make them understand that our product can change their life for the better. How to create empathic content?. The creation of a content through which people identify and interact is an analytical process.Born from. The analysis of the market and from the purchase path of people. The data sources that. We can analyze to achieve this are micro-moments. As per google’s definition. It is Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone number over 200 times a day.

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