How to find the core of the product South Africa Phone Number is actually the basic 4 steps that we should follow for each requirement/project we do every day:

  1.  Find the target user and clarify the needs (scenario + problem);
  2.  Find solutions (ideas that  thought South Africa Phone Number of, existing strategies of competing products, user expectations…);
  3.  Addition: Summarize all functions and list them all in a list;
  4.  Do the subtraction: find the product kernel.

Still taking Airbnb as an example, at the beginning of its establishment, if you want to verify what is the core of its product, first list all the product features that you can think of:

  1. have a bed to live in;
  2. provide breakfast;
  3. Search for suitable properties according to the target area;
  4. Browsing property information on the website;
  5. Cheap (acceptable) and cost-effective;
  6. the safety of the landlord;
  7. There are facilities that are as convenient as at home.

The above 7 points are the product characteristics

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felt from the customer’s point of view, and then subtracted. According to the characteristics of “one less,

Regarding how to verify the core

of the product, based on the principle of low cost and speed, there are the following methods:

The second reason is to verify the product core. If it is in the early stage of the project, there are not many users, or only some core users. At this time, there is no need to worry about users running away due to imperfect functions, and let users participate in the experience of the product core. Wouldn’t the suggestion be better? If the project is relatively mature and has a large user base, when it is necessary to verify a certain feature, try to select target users for small-scale verification, let a small number of users use it first, optimize it based on suggestions, and finally push it in full.

Reason three, fast verification, needs to avoid perfectionism. It is very normal for a product to have some imperfections in the early stage. Don’t feel embarrassed to let users use it if there are bugs or few functions. Instead, you choose to spend a lot of time to make a “perfect” product, which is not realistic in itself. Because without user feedback, the product itself cannot be perfect.

4. Project practice and thinking

Thinking of the previous experience of making APP, in retrospect, the most basic problem is that the core of the product has not been identified. So think again here, what would you do if you did it again.

At first, the purpose of making an APP was to integrate the customer acquisition of all the company’s current APPs and improve the efficiency of front-end customer acquisition. Based on this goal, we want to verify which customer acquisition efficiency will be higher from three different dimensions, namely brand customer acquisition, content customer acquisition, and benefit customer acquisition.

  1. Brand customer acquisition: attract parents to purchase courses through brand endorsement;
  2. Content acquisition: attract parents to purchase courses through the creative stories and content achievements of outstanding students;
  3. Interested customer acquisition: Attract parents to purchase courses through coupons and gifts.

Then, do the addition: think about the functions of our APP, which are the core of the product? First, list the existing functions + the functions that will be done in this issue:

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