This article. The story of supreme the supreme streetwear brand was born from the Macedonia Phone number idea of ​​james. Jebbia in 1994 and was initially a “Simple” clothing store for skaters. We are in the period of street fashion. Where oversize and rap style were the most sought after looks by young teenagers. Supreme’s strategy is somewhat enlightening and, thanks to its uniqueness and exceptionality . It has managed to generate incredible hype in the fashion world (but not only!)we are talking about. A brand born in the 90s that starting from scratch today is worth more than 2 billion us dollars. And if you’re wondering how a brand with a rather simple visual identity managed to Macedonia Phone number generate so much hype, keep reading.

He Started With T-shirts, to Offer

Sweatshirts, caps and later other gadgets (some really incredible!). Supreme gadget effect some of these are also particular and unconventional, but precisely because of. Their strangeness and the Macedonia Phone number identity promoted by the brand, they were objects coveted in the same way. The first supreme store was located (and still is) on lafayette street in soho (ny), a very quiet street. With antique shops, a fire station and a mechanic. This first store marked the rise towards success for. The idea itself. In fact, the shop had the products arranged on the sides and a large space in the center that. The skaters could use as a track. Right from the start supreme has focused on Macedonia Phone number different types of products.

The City Since Its Opening On

Macedonia phone number list

Another exceptional element was the fact that only skaters could enter. While the Macedonia Phone number rest of the people had to “Earn the right” to be able to shop at supreme. In 2004 james jebbia opened. The second supreme store in los angeles. The idea promoted by the brand has allowed it to be referred to as a “Cult brand” and “Chanel of. Streetwear” by vogue since 1995 , generating even more hype. The layout of the spaces immediately made it. A space loved by skaters (the brand’s main target) who frequented the shop to feel at ease, meet new people. And find stylish items. Precisely for this reason the shop became a famous meeting point Macedonia Phone number throughout.

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