MarketingAs more marketers avoid hard-sell tactics. Leaning on influencers increasingly appeals to brands looking to Georgia Phone Number drive. Awareness while still showing a company’s human side. Social media platforms are evolving to keep up, adding new features designed to cater to influencers, their typically young fans and marketers alike. Included in this trendline. How the producer economy is changing influencer marketingUser-created content — especially video — gains on traditional media consumption Coca-Cola spotlights BIPOC creators with TikTok debutOur Trendlines go deep on the Georgia Phone Number biggest trends. These special reports, produced by our team of award-winning journalists, help business leaders understand how their industries are changing.

Can Brands Stay Georgia Phone Number Safe

As marketers explore how the metaverse fits into their strategy, brand safety should be top of mind. Published March 1, 2022Sara Karlovitch’s Georgia Phone Number headshotSara KarlovitchAssociate Editor Anthony Kwan via Getty ImagesAs the metaverse makes the leap into reality, marketers are eager to figure out where this new frontier fits into their strategies. However, there is evidence that, like with other digital platforms, as popularity grows so does the attention of bad actors like extremist or hate groups.After high profile Georgia Phone Number examples such as the racial slur allegedly buried in a McRib NFT, marketers are right to be wary of this new arena.“What’s tricky about it is you need to build a community where certain beliefs are, of course, geared toward one direction,”

Said Dirk Van Georgia Phone Number Ginkel

Creative director. However, NFTs and the metaverse are also hard to ignore as they become increasingly popular. During the Super Bowl, Miller Lite used the metaverse platform. Decentraland to skirt advertising restrictions. Wrangler unveiled a new NFT to promote a music. Partnership and Kia used the Georgia Phone Number technology to promote its big game ad. Some of the rush to join the metaverse. May be the result of brands not wanting to repeat past. Mistakes of sitting on the sidelines too long when fast-moving digital technologies emerged. When social media first started to become a feature of daily life, brands avoided the platform. For example, McDonald’s didn’t join Twitter until 2009, three years after the platform launched.

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