The position of product manager is a 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers position that needs to make various decisions, and experience is very important for both 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers products and product managers. Products and product managers are highly interdependent, thus reducing the mobility of product managers.

Many product managers grow up with the development of products.

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The departure of the core product manager is a huge loss for the company. Product manager is a high continuity position. A product is the result of a team effort, and the product manager is the central role.

The product manager has a very good understanding of the industry,

market conditions, competitors, the ins and outs of the product, and the situation of the team. If a new product manager comes, even if he is experienced, it will take a long time to sort out clearly. Said to develop their own understanding of the business, users and the market to generate high-quality advice and decisions. Having an unreliable product manager can completely mess up a product with a clear direction and a bright future.

Of course, product managers who originally belong to the same track are much better, which is why many companies like to poach key talents from competitors.

It is very difficult for companies to find a suitable product manager for a product. Product managers are mostly soft skills, and it is a difficult position to interview and judge. I felt very good during the interview. After entering the company, I found that many things were wrong. It is a very common thing.

This is very different from development, design, testing, etc. roles. These positions need to make very few decisions, most of the work is partial implementation, and more tests are professional skills, and professional skills are relatively easy to distinguish.

For example, in development, if you can write such code in this company, you can also write code of the same quality in another company. The product manager is different. It is very common for a product manager who can play a great role in this company to fail at another company. In addition to being

Likewise, product managers are highly dependent on products. If you are a product manager in a certain industry, it is not easy to change a company. Of course, being poached by a competitor is another matter. If you want to change to a new field, you will have little industry experience accumulated before. For new fields, it is necessary to start anew to learn and accumulate bit by bit.

away after acquiring your ideas and ideas, and then find a cheaper product manager to execute it.

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