Yes, the time spent on the page has a direct relationship with seo. when obtaining a high average, the algorithms of Google and other search engines will value that your site is professional, relevant and useful, for which the Namibia WhatsApp Number List Will give priority to it when making their results lists and defining the ser ps. of course when it comes to search engine optimization, many other aspects come into play, such as popular keywords. Increased chances of conversion a user stays on your website for a long time and goes. From one content to another, you will manage it strategically within the marketing funnel. Having greater possibilities of converting it to lead and, later, to a client.

Reflection of Engagement It Is Useless that Your Content

Is visible if it does not captivate users. Precisely, a high residence time is synonymous with the fact that the. Desired engagement does occur. Strategies to increase the time spent on the page there are many. Strategies you can carry out to boost time spent on the page and tactically manage users. Within your website. Here are some of them: 1. incorporate internal links in texts and, the abandonment rate is high when users find. Few options and alternatives within a certain web page. Due to this, it is essential

In Word Press, You Can Inspect the Amount of Internal

Links that each page of your blog receives, so you can identify those that you have been forgetting more than ideal. In the end, a page that does not have internal links to its content works like a “ghost” in your overall structure.2. include ct as an attractively present them do you know what a cat is? It is the acronym for the call to action – call to action – and is a strategic and key element for content, websites, and digital marketing strategies in general. As its name reflects, it is a call, graphic, advertisement, or short text that invites the user to take a favorable action for the attraction or conversion process, such as reading another blog article, leaving a comment, or subscribing to the newsletter.


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