category, not all data is the same. These are the main classifications that we can establish according to the IAB report. According to its data: structured data is the Turkey Phone Number List type of information that we usually find in databases, that is, a text-type file organized in rows and columns.

Second-party data: the data that comes from purchase and sale agreements with different partners. Within this type, we can distinguish between first-party enrichment data. (to expand the data we already have), those obtained through the exchange. And those purchased (through brands that put their cookies for sale). Declarative data: those provided by the user himself and therefore not verifiable.

Inferred Data: Those Obtained by Assigning an Audience Profile

according to their browsing patterns.Modeled data: those generated by extrapolating. From a representative audience sample, for example, the similar audiences of some social ad platforms. Intent or intention data: those related to the interest of a user in a specific good or the information referring to the geographical points where the users are. Who is the owner of the data? Data ownership is an issue that is controversial and the legislation has evolved in recent years. The first point to clarify is that the user is the owner of his data since it is he who generates it.

And Finally, We Have the User, Whose Information Is only Valid

Currently, there is no stable picture when it comes to data ownership. New and hash-graph technologies could in the future allow users to sell their data without intermediaries, while publishers argue that users are already receiving value for their data in the form of personalized services. Meanwhile, advertisers are looking for solutions to create their data extraction systems and gain independence from other players. when buying. Far from impulsive buying, seniors think carefully before investing in a new product, so digital marketing strategies for older generations must adapt to this pattern.

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