When analyzing the set of google ranking factors, it is possible to observe. How most of them correspond to the same reason: to improve the user experience. In this way, the efforts made by the search engine in recent Mexico WhatsApp Number List Years have focused on preventing any element that causes discomfort to the user.

Do You Think That There Is Something More Annoying

Then a page that does not load fast?. Well, neither does the google team. With that in mind, they invested in updates that prioritized pages and fast site loading, which was seen as a major turning point for the seo market. But it didn’t stop there, this week, that on-page experience factor for a good ranking in the ser ps.do you want to know how this new factor will work, how to promote a good experience on your website, and when this update will go into effect? Then keep reading! How will the ‘experience on page’ ranking factor work? The “experience on

Thus, the Factor Would Be a Combination of The Following Variables:

Load: represented by the lcp, largest contentful paint or greater content presentation, and that must be up to 2.5 seconds from the first load; interactivity: represented by the fid, first input delay or input latency, and which must correspond to a number less than 100 milliseconds; visual stability: represented by the cls, cumulative layout shit or cumulative layout change, which must be less than 0.1. as well as mobile-friendly: check if your pages are suitable for use on mobile devices; navigation security: the page must be free of any type of malicious or misleading content; https: the page must use this security protocol to indicate that the site is, in fact, secure; intrusive absence of

The page should be easily accessible and can not contain pop-ups, advertisements and others that hinder navigation and access to content.

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