Going global is such a big task that we constantly associate. It with companies with big financial muscles and with many processes in between. And despite its complexity, there are still companies that insist on being the global Czech Republic Phone Number List or that are even born being so. In the same way, there are in the middle. Thousands of materials to learn about the. Internationalization and globalization of companies. But, most of them address issues of export. Import, and other expensive strategies that do not always adapt to the reality of business. Mainly of the digital ones. Is this your case? Because mine has been. Fortunately, in recent decades, the Internet has turned academia. On its head and has led professionals in the field to reinvent the techniques of internationalization.

It Is True that Since Its Origin, the Internet Has Been Understood

global medium, thanks to its ability to remove geographical barriers, redefine trade rules, streamline intercultural knowledge processes, among others. These characteristics have allowed internationalization to be cheaper and with fewer investment risks, if we compare it with other traditional models. Although it is clear that not all that glitters is gold.

You Will See the 4 Lessons that We Have Learned Over 8 Years in The

digital and international market, which have allowed us to impact more than 7 million people per month in more than 3 different markets and constant quarterly growth of 30% in the United States. Lesson 1: Generate valuable content according to market Content is an American Digital Marketing company founded in 2013, which has since implemented internationalization strategies. His first international action was to import the term: Content Marketing to Brazil; the country in which he began his greatest efforts. We took on the task of educating the market more directly and in their language, on issues such as SEO, Content Marketing, and Content Experiences.

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