As well as, This stage is to sort out and list all the people Nigeria Phone Number and things related to the business system (B-end product) to be built. Most of the time, when we do user demand research. It is not correct to conduct research directly to the direct users of the system. Which is not correct for B-end products. We need to go to a higher level to analyze. Analyze the stakeholders of the business, analyze the departments or superiors behind the system users. And count the expectations of all stakeholders. Because what we do must not only satisfy the users, but also satisfy the leaders of the users. Because different people have different perspectives on the system, when we investigate the system requirements, we must analyze the business requirements from a higher perspective. The final system can satisfy B-end users.

Note ⚡️ : Here we do not directly describe it as “requirement”, but “expectation”, because here we are discussing higher-level requirements, which are mostly non-functional requirements. So that the general direction of the system construction will not be wrong.

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Stakeholder analysis : Stakeholders refer to. The users of the system and the people and things that have an interest in the business system. Stakeholder analysis is about clarifying the users and stakeholders of the system being . This step is consistent with investigating user groups and user needs.

Stakeholder discovery steps :

List the stakeholders, explain the events that the stakeholders are responsible for in the business or system, and investigate the listed stakeholders’ expectations for business optimization or system constructionTo integrate the process of completing students’ application for examination and the completion of enrollment in higher vocational colleges, the early enrollment management business mainly includes: candidate registration business, examination management business, financial management business, information management business, etc. The system should establish different management terminals for students and colleges and universities.

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