The current situation of the company , including both internal and external factors. The external ones are the general situation, the characteristics of the sector and the market. Interns refer to our own company, for example, the staff and resources we have at our disposal.The situation Laos Email Lists of the competition . That is, what are the main brands that compete with ours and what is their situation in the market: budget and volume of business they handle, price of their products or services, sales process, customer acquisition …The general objectives of our business .

For a business to come to fruition, all departments must in the same direction. Therefore, the marketing plan must respond to the general goals of the company. And of course, it must be taken into account that different objectives can be compatible or even complement each other.So that you can understand the ten examples of objectives of a marketing plan that are in this article, we have prepared this video for you:

Detailed video where we explain the 10 examples of objectives of a marketing plan.10 examples of marketing plan ) Make the brand known to the target occasions, we will find ourselves in charge of a new brand, which is aimed at a different audience than usual or which for any other circumstance needs to make itself known and increase its visibility.In the case of this objective, we will define the actions to impact new users for the first time and make them remember us. Success can be measured in number of impacts or in more specific metrics, . ex. market research comparing brand awareness before and after campaigns.Goals-of-a-marketing-plan2) Increase market objective is closely related to the study of the competition , since the position of a brand in the market is always relative. Depending on the existing brands and our resources, we will define a specific position in the market (the objective does not always have to be to become the leader, since this is often not achievable).3) Launch a new a new product always puts a lot of work on the marketing team , as you have to inform the public about the novelty and get it to “catch up” with your customers.For this objective to be successful, it is essential to define well the price and positioning of the launch and to have a well thought out communication strategy.4) Improve return on ROI or is one of the most important metrics of marketing, as it measures whether investing in advertising is giving the fruits we seek.

In the world of digital marketing , it is easier than ever to accurately measure the return on investment, since we can know the cost per click or per conversion of our actions. Of course, it is necessary to keep a good track of the metrics over time.5) Introduce the company into new markets internationally or locally As in the case of a new product launch , positioning and communication strategy are key.

We must also take into account the cultural and consumption differences in different markets.6) Increase the profits of the this case, the company is going to focus on improving its financial results during the period of time to which the plan refers. To do this, actions and metrics can be oriented in two different directions: reducing costs, increasing profits, or both. In the first case, the optimization of advertising in search engines, social networks and other digital media can be key.7) Optimize the conversion  is no use getting a large number of hits if we can’t get users to convert. Therefore, a good marketing plan takes into account the different phases of the conversion funnel to reduce churn and get as many users as possible to become customers.

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