First of all, let’s look at Alibaba. How do we look Vietnam Phone Number at his positioning? One way I teach you is that we first go to his official website to see what he says he does?

In Alibaba’s words, his vision is to make the world easy to do business. You can see that in this picture of him, many of his own business situations will be presente in it.

For example, there are many such business situations like this b to b, Want Want,

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It can be seen that he is actually the core Vietnam Phone Number of e-commerce capabilities. Alibaba, Tmall and Taobao are his core e-commerce capabilities. Then based on the core competence of this e-commerce business, some other capabilities are extended. In fact, these capabilities of b2b are also the basis of the original e-commerce business.

Therefore, he also directly integrates with many offline businesses by means of investment, which will extend stronger business capabilities for deeper penetration, not only the penetration of online businesses, but also the gradual penetration of offline businesses, including experience. Stores, convenience stores and other new formats of supermarkets.

This part is in the entire offline business, including Ele.

me, which is also in this territory. He penetrates with his ability, not only to support all offline independent businesses, such as the offline businesses of Supermarket Convenience. , he also combined with his existing e-commerce capabilities and many logistics service capabilities, and then infiltrated these capabilities. For example, the capabilities of the local Hema,, and word-of-mouth are actually a further layer of penetration.

For example, if we look further back, he will also abstract some key strategies for construction, such as the capacity building of new retail. If we take the core capabilities of new retail as an example, we can see him go He has made a lot of brands and digital appliances, and then extended the capabilities of various categories. In this part, he infiltrated the service capabilities of the entire local life. The service capabilities of this part of the local life are actually the same as what he called three kilometers. The ability to undertake the attribute is very strong.

Taobao, Tmall, Ant, Hema,, etc., but there is a point of view that he says is actually business, and his core starting point is to do business. For business, let’s see how he has so many businesses, and how he came to introduce his entire ecological territory. It is completely an ecology. He does not just do one business, he does a lot. Whether it is a business

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