the term B2B means “business to business”, that is, from business to business. Over time, it became so popular that it began to be used for any aspect of the relationship between companies: B2B Saudi Arabia Phone Number List sales, B2B marketing, B2B buyer, B2B market. Even more complex derivatives of this term became popular. Such as B2B2C or even B2B2G. Here the “G” stands for “government”. However, over the years, a problem has arisen: the preposition “to” (a) has fallen short in describing the relationship between companies.

And Is that “to” Refers to A One-Way Transaction, in Which

one company offers products and services to another based on its business objectives and the buyer does not have much to say. In the digital age, it makes sense to start rethinking this model. The companies that have been more successful in recent years, such as Uber, Airbnb, Etsy, or Kickstarter, create value through a different paradigm, based on networks, collaboration, community, social purpose, and openness. Rather than offering services and products to their buyers, they focus on offering products and services to answer their needs. And this is how the B4B or “business for business” arises. This insignificant change, from “to” to “for”, actually hides a change in the way of raising the why of a company.


They Were Based on An “inside Out” Model. in This Traditional

senior executives make decisions without considering or listening to the customer’s point of view. But in the age of social media, companies need to have a clear purpose to exist, and that purpose has to go through responding to a real customer need. Therefore, the best companies in the B4B era are those that operate “from the outside in”, that is, they are based on a user need that justifies their existence. For example, this is the case of Uber, which exists to connect people who want to earn money driving and people who need a means of transportation.2) Who are your customers and what do they value the most? The only way to know what your customers need is to ask them directly what they are looking for.


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