Sun chips, the frito-lay line of whole grain chips, has teamed with television host bobby berk on a virtual art. Contest, according to a press release. The effort is part of the Paraguay Phone Number brand’s “be your own wave” push — its first. National campaign in four years. With its art seen effort, sun chips is asking artists of all mediums to submit. Artwork via a microsite through nov. Sun chips and berk will select five artists that will receive a $10,000. Cash prize, have a painted mural replicate their work. See their art placed in ads across the brand’s social. Channels and be able to Paraguay Phone Number connect consumers to their personal websites through sun chips.

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Of the stars of netflix’s “queer eye,” sun chips’ virtual art contest allows the brand to collect both user. Generated content (ugc) and first-party data. As part of a purpose-driven effort that seeks to boost artists that. Have been affected by the Paraguay Phone Number pandemic. Dive insight: sun chips’ art seen virtual art contest serves several. Purposes for the frito-lay chip brand. One of the marketer’s fastest growing brands. Frito-lay vice president of marketing ciara dilley. Said in a press release. Beyond giving five artists cash prizes. Placing artwork on the Paraguay Phone Number brand’s social ads and linking to artists’. Personal websites through its own could help. Boost a handful of artists that have been negatively affected by the pandemic.

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Frito-lay’s continued commitment to the artistic community, and follows a similar — if better funded — effort. By sister brand doritos, which in june launched the “solid black” initiative. That sought to boost the voices of and provide resources to black creators. In addition, the Paraguay Phone Number collection of artwork through a microsite. Allows the chip brand to collect valuable first-party data and ugc. Campaigns that collect first-party data have. Become a priority — especially for cpg brands. That don’t control the majority of point-of-sale transactions. In order to Paraguay Phone Number  collect data that is increasingly. Useful amid changes to the data privacy landscape. Including the forthcoming deprecation of third-party cookies.

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