It starts with a large digital event in live streaming on the key themes of innovation. On the six “pillars” of the Cola report. From 4 to 6 November the physical event returns to Rome: spotlight on sustainable smart Singapore Phone Number nation. The President of FPA Mochi Sismondi: “We must learn from experiences and plan together, with a clear and concrete vision.

First Appointment Is

Training moments round tables speeches by great. Italian and international personalities will animate the online Singapore Phone Number edition of ForumPA 2020, also placing the emphasis on the perspectives of the central government, regional governments and local administrations.

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Online From 6 To 11 July

«We will create the largest digital event in the country . An online platform where, for a rich and inclusive week, the best innovation experiences, inside and outside the PA, will meet and find each other, to discuss the use of digital transformation for resilience in some Singapore Phone Number key sectors: work, industry, training, health, social cohesion », reiterated Mochi Sismondi.

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