Google seeks to position the results that coincide with the search intent of users, so if your mission is to be on the first page of the search engine, you must convince them that you answer people’s. Croatia Phone Number List questions and deliver valuable content. And this can only be achieved if you are willing to write correctly and extensively on the subject. In which you want to classify since if you have thin content.  But what is this content about and how does it negatively affect your search ranking? Find out these answers and more by reading this article to the end! What is thin content? The thin content is the content of a web page that does not add any value to the reader. Being, in short, one of the actions opposed to SEO strategies.

That Is if Your Content Is 200 Words and According to Google’s

algorithms, it meets the expectations of the reader, it will be valid. Only that its probability of positioning will be much lower than that of a longer one. Types of thin content several patterns allow us to identify and classify “thin content.” And these are Duplicate or stolen content that does not provide information that is different or relevant by your competitors, in most cases, by search engines. Content Flooded with Are Those Articles that Only Show Ads and Calls

To Action, and That Does Not Have Useful Information.

In this case, the ads cover the content, appear in the upper half of the page and/or require user actions to discard them. Low-quality content they are contents that only offer affiliate links and do not provide relevant or useful information for the end-user. And, to avoid falling into this thin content, we must ensure that the content has a purpose than the affiliate offer and focuses on giving affiliate opportunities that coincide with the sector of the web. Empty or semi-empty pages not only are pages with little content but also it does not contribute anything, they have few filters worked and/or tags generated with little care and without following SEO strategies. How does thin content affect your site’s SEO? By generating thin content we

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