At the recent edition of ForumPA, the annual Russia Phone Number event dedicated to the world of Public Administration, Adobe presented the survey ” PA and citizens: which tools to improve the digital experience of users “, carried out in collaboration with FPA (part Russia Phone Number of the Digital360 Group ), which focuses precisely on the degree of maturity of the digital experience strategies of the main Italian PAs.

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The research bring to light a strong dichotomy Russia Phone Number between the availability of digital services. Offered by the Public Administration and their effective use . On the one hand, the supply in Italy records results above the average of the EU countries, on the Russia Phone Number other hand, the demand records the most serious delays: only 32% of Italian users actively use e-government services compared to a EU average of 67% (source: DESI 2020 ).

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“It is a very significant fact – highlights Toto – which does not depend only on the poor digital literacy of Italians. But also on Russia Phone Number factors such as the quality of the services and portals themselves. Which have not yet reached acceptable levels of usability and accessibility. On poor awareness of the Russia Phone Number advantages of online tools due to ineffective communication

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