In its early days, marketing automation was a “one-size-fits-all” strategy than sending. A  series of messages with a preset time interval.

For Example, if A Visitor to Our Website Downloads an Ebook,

The platform will send him an email related to the subject of the same, Singapore Phone Number List, or if he visits. On a specific product page, we can start remarketing him. In the coming years, the level of personalization will increase according to BBNTimes, as marketing automation expands. To encompass the entire customer experience. Marketing platforms can provide us with a view of each customer, which we can then apply to send highly messages through various channels.2) More breadth the past, marketing automation to lead generation, nurturing, and conversions. But as marketers have demanded more functionality, marketing automation platforms have evolved to respond. Today, marketing automation can incorporate any aspect of marketing, from inbound to outbound through social media, point of sale, and events.

This is known as ” omnichannel marketing “, and in the future, we will see how it grows more and more. Reports are also evolving and offer more and more functionality; In the coming years, the development of AI will lead to better and better predictive analytics.3)

The Trend Is to Offer Increasingly Integrated Solutions

with other digital tools, making the marketer’s job easier and providing a better user experience. In the same way, marketing automation solutions will be increasing with analytics, allowing information about the entire customer life cycle, even after purchase.4) more marketers it’s not just marketing automation technologies that evolve; We marketers also have to do it to take advantage of them.

with a vocation to serve their customers. In short, the B4B model is more empathetic, more intentional, and closer to the customer. The ultimate test: are you a B2B or B4B company? At this point, you may be wondering where your company is and what you can do to permanently evolve to a B4B model.

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