It starts with a large digital event in live streaming on the key themes of innovation. On the six “pillars” of the Colao report. From 4 to 6 November the physical event returns to Rome: spotlight on sustainable South Korea Phone Number smart nation. The President of FPA Mochi Sismondi: “We must learn from experiences and plan together. With a clear and concrete visiona different development.

Emf 2020: 1 Million

The 3-day online full immersion to discover the latest digital innovations.  How new technologies can contribute to the restart of our country has successfully concluded. A program full of contents organized by South Korea Phone Number Search On Media Group, creator and producer of the festival, which involved more than 1 million participants connected to the network.


Online Participants

It was necessary to spread and bring innovation everywhere after the months that upset our society: for this reason, in the June WMF we thought of creating a hybrid format, widespread, unique in the South Korea Phone Number world, which would combine the dynamics of a television studio with online training rooms through a platform capable of promoting and facilitating interaction between users, but also, through a digital exhibition village.

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