The first is how we understand the entire economy and society.

This part includes macroeconomic. Changsha Mobile Phone Number market changes, and then some of the political. Environment and some government policies just mentioned may have an impact on our entire economy. For example, the recent changes in the epidemic will affect e-commerce, O to O, and food delivery. In fact, it will have a series of impacts on the economy of various industries, including the financial environment will also have Changsha Mobile Phone Number a great impact, so this part is actually called a series of changes within the scope of the economy and society.

Second, the industry

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If the economy and society go further down, it is the industry in which our company is located. We are going to see what the industry is like, and we will see the overall changes of the company in this industry.

This is called what the industry needs to understand.

3. Company business

Then one level down is the field you are in. The field includes the positioning of your field in the entire business line, and then its value chain and some key partners related to it.

6. The nature of demand

Then go down to the bottom layer and then there is the demand. It may be product iteration or how many demands are there this month, and then what are the core problems behind all the demands, what are the pain points, and what is the closed-loop process.

So in fact, when we dismantle, we usually talk about business understanding or business insight. Let’s talk about which layer we are at to improve our business understanding and insight, and at which layer we need to be. You must build the foundation of your business. What are some things you can try to explore and make breakthroughs, and then you can give some judgments and interpretations.

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