First, it will be easier to share content directly to IGTV from other platforms. Think Youtube, webinars, and pre-recorded interviews from PC. While creators still have the Norway Phone Number option to shoot in portrait (giving you the power), you now also have unlimited access to the more flexible format. For example, here’s how Brit and Co are using niche food hashtags to cut through the noise – because there are so many super popular food hashtags that drive millions of posts, and using less popular hashtags can actually help that post attract More target groups.

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Well, new link sharing for Instagram Stories is Norway Phone Number going to change that. The company has taken this step to give creators more flexibility when creating content. This makes sense, right? When IGTV first launched, it was the first portrait-only video channel. This is mainly to accommodate videos captured on mobile phones. But as a way of evolving to accommodate creators, the new landscape feature also helps with that. The new landscape format will give creators and brands more flexibility.

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It is certainly tempting to use popular hashtags with high Norway Phone Number volume. After all, the more popular they are, the better your chances of reaching a larger audience. correct? unnecessary. A super trending hashtag with millions of posts might get you some extra Norway Phone Number attention, but is it the right kind of attention? This is not to say that you should never use popular hashtags, but you should try to utilize niche hashtags in your posts as they will help you reach more of your target audience.