In conclusion, Before delving into the subject, we are going to define what will be the common thread of this post. Big data is a concept that defines a large volume of data stored and analyzed. However, By companies through specific processes and software to manage the information acquired. Its objective is to summarize. Moreover, the Philippines WhatsApp Number List in converting the massive data collected into useful and relevant information for the organization through the use of technology.

The information, in turn, serves to guide the business towards. More assertive actions and, as a consequence, increase its conversion power. Why is Big Data important in electronic commerce? Big Data serves to empower businesses of all segments —and any size— but it has an even stronger value in the case of electronic businesses.This happens because the online behavior of consumers is translated into an unlimited amount of information about their wishes, preferences, habits, and needs. In this

Let’s Go for It.1. Achieve Great Competitive Advantages There

is no doubt that eCommerce is growing steadily not only in Mexico and Colombia but throughout Latin America. But, if on the one hand, this reveals an optimistic scenario, on the other it may represent a competitive increase for virtual stores that seek to attract buyers with the help of the Internet. In this context, using Big Data to optimize sales strategies, discover how the competition acts, know the perspective of its followers, and develop personalization strategies became essential among e-commerce that wants to stand out in their niche and get ahead of their competitors.

2. Track the high volume of data on the Internet The myriad of data on the internet is only increasing. There is an explosion of information about the performance of the market and consumers. The need for monitoring arose given the increasingly competitive and somewhat chaotic consumer digital environment. Consumers are becoming more demanding and more attentive and active competitors.

Thus, Big Data Collaborates so That Companies Can Keep

abreast of user behavior and its possible changes. Through it, it is possible to analyze, among others, how each interaction happens with your content, the products of your eCommerce, the frequency of purchase, and the preferences of consumers. These details yield valuable insights and allow you to predict behaviors that can directly impact business.

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