The most interesting data. I have extracted from sources such as Statista, Accenture, Gartner, Clutch, Pew Research. And other reference pages. In 2020, revenue from B2B digital commerce will almost double. Accounting for around half of the revenue from the B2B sector. The most successful marketers spend around 40% of their budget on content marketing. 55% of marketers say blogging is their top inbound Sweden Phone Number List marketing priority. Emails with personalized subjects are 50% more likely to be opened. According to Altimeter, 70% of marketers lack an integrated and consistent content strategy. In the third quarter of 2018, conversion rates were 3.94% from desktops, 1.84% from mobile and 3.78% from tablets.28.3% of eCommerce revenue comes from cart recovery emails.

Global Digital Marketing Statistics Digital and Alternative Media

For brands, this implies that it is urgent to start paying attention to their online sales channels and have well-optimized e-commerce. Marketing executives at the most successful companies spend more than 21% of their budget on advertising. 8.9% of the investment corresponds to digital media (social networks, mobile, and display advertising), 5.3% to searching ads, and 7% to traditional advertising (television and outdoor advertising).For 61% of marketers,

This Represents a Slight Increase Since 2017 when It Was 27%.

programs and resources are the largest investment area today. Only 64% of small businesses have their website (Clutch). If we talk about digital marketing in 2019, we cannot forget that more than a third of SMEs are not online yet. However, having a digital presence has proven advantages regardless of the size of your company.28% of small businesses spend $ 500 or less on making their website (Clutch). While it’s easier than ever to make your website without programming, many small business owners still have questions. Knowing who we are addressing helps us to know what to communicate and when thus increasing the conversion rate. Buyer Persona Template – CanvaThe key to developing a good

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