The retirees. From the age of 65, when people stop working and start living on fixed incomes, a new stage of consumption begins in which leisure time is very important. Early retirees (from 50 years old). Although in theory, these people are not yet in their senior years, they are ready to make Albania Phone Number List financial changes and start enjoying their free time. This group may also include the youngest couples of people who are retiring. The late retirees. This segment includes people over 65 years of age who are still working and therefore have different needs and aspirations from those of retirees. The grandparents and relatives.

This Segmentation Makes Perfect Sense When We Think Of

Products that are not directly targeted at them but are intended. To be purchased by grandchildren and other young family members. For digital marketing experts, this sector represents a very interesting opportunity. For multiple reasons: the older generations are a large percentage. Of the population in spain alone, this segment has 17 million people. So it is a target that we cannot ignore. Furthermore, it is a growing segment: according to estimates. Seniors will be the largest age group in europe, accounting for 30% of the population. They have good purchasing power: 12% more than the general population.

This is because they have already finished paying the big expenses, such as the mortgage, and have more freedom to consume. They remain active and interested people in their environment. For many, the best time begins after 50. they are a neglected sector for digital marketing in general.

Although They Have Not Grown-up With the Internet, They Have Been Interested

in ICT and have been able to catch up. In fact, according to the study, older Europeans spend an average of 13 hours connected to the internet and almost two-thirds of them shop online regularly. They value customer service very much.  For this reason, they value brands that make an effort to offer personalized attention and answer all their questions. They are more cautious when buying. Far from impulsive buying, seniors think carefully before investing in a new product, so digital marketing strategies for older generations must adapt to this pattern.

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