Increase the average value of customer lifetime after converting leads into customers. The next step is to obtain the maximum value from each of them. Acquiring new customers is much more expensive than keeping existing ones. So we want to get the most out of them. The average lifetime value of a customer is the number. Of benefits they produce throughout their entire relationship with the brand, from when they Austria Phone Number List start buying until they leave us. To increase this value, we need you to buy from us repeatedly or increase the average price of each purchase.

To successfully meet this challenge, the marketing manager must thoroughly review cross-selling. And long-term customer loyalty strategies.3). Win back lost customers very few customers are loyal to a brand for their entire lives. Sometimes dropouts are a natural and inevitable process, but other times we can find the cause and solve it. Therefore, the third great strategic challenge for the marketing director is to reduce. The churn rate and win back customers who leave.

To Be Successful, It Is Necessary to Understand What The

reasons for abandonment are (changes in customer needs, bad service experiences, the appearance of competitive offers …) and seeking the solution. Strategies like email marketing and remarketing have a lot to offer here, and of course, impeccable customer service will also go a long way. The challenges of new online marketing trends4) are the days of simple, linear customer journeys. Today the consumer receives impacts through multiple channels and devices, so it can be very difficult to know what is happening.The marketing director presents two great challenges to solve.

Therefore, the Challenge for The Marketing Manager Is

to make the customer experience a priority and ensure maximum usability and the best service in all marketing channels and devices.7) The new landscape of influencers in recent years, we have seen influencer marketing become one of the great digital trends. In most cases, brands focused on users with the largest number of followers. Sometimes the results were spectacular, but others did not justify the (large) investment. Behind the wear and tear of influencers are both the fatigue and low credibility of social media users,

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