A digital crisis , also called an online reputation crisis, occurs when there is a significant number of users speaking negatively about a brand or a company for a sustained period of time, generating interactions and conversation between them and progressively escalating towards with Latvia Email List more diffusion or even the media. Communication. If not managed properly, this situation can end up causing permanent damage to the online image of the brand.Digital crises can have very different causes . Some of them are the direct responsibility of the brand, while others are completely beyond its control.

Therefore, to know what we are dealing with, we have to start by identifying the origin of what is happening. Here are some common reasons for digital crises: Inappropriate behaviors of the representatives of the brand in social networks . For example, posting problematic personal content to company accounts by mistake.Problems related to poor management of the brand’s online presence , for example, a publication that annoys a group.Rumors or even urban legends related to the company , its products or its services. These kinds of brand-related stories have been around for a long time (take Coca-Cola’s dissolving superpowers, for example), but social media can amplify them.Complaints from customers unhappy with some aspect of the brand’s products, services, or experience.

In the worst cases, these disgruntled customers can band together to put pressure on the brand.Cyber ​​attacks against the brand , such as the creation of fake sites, hacks, theft of customer data, etc.7 tips to face a digital crisis step by step1) Create a preventive crisis management best weapon against crises is always good preparation. Although digital reputation problems can be unpredictable, we can anticipate them by developing different possible scenarios: a hack, an unfortunate comment, a rumor about the company that spreads out of control … For scenario, we will develop a protocol of responses type and a series of measures to take. Thus, should the crisis occur, we will be prepared to respond quickly, without improvising or getting carried away by emotions.We can even go further and train the brand’s community managers with crisis management drills.2) Monitor brand and dealing with issues early prevents negative brand mentions from skyrocketing and we have to deal with a problem out of control.

Therefore, an essential preventive measure is to monitor brand mentions with a social listening tool. If we detect a sudden rise in negative brand mentions, we will activate the crisis protocol to see what is happening and how we can fix it.3) Analyze the have detected a peak of negativity around the brand. And now that? Well, the first thing is to analyze these aspects of the situation: What is the reason for the negative mentions.If the problem is due directly to an action of the company or if external factors intervene.Who or who is speaking negatively about the brand.

An isolated troll who just wants to annoy is not the same as a group of users with a legitimate complaint about their experience.What is the real scope of the crisis: number of mentions, audiences it reaches, whether it has jumped to major or the media …4) Use proactive and humane of the big mistakes of companies facing digital crises is using “copy and paste” responses, which only irritate users more. It is important to show the people who are behind the brand and respond with empathy and naturalness . The specific answer will depend on each case, but it is always a good idea to apologize when necessary and clearly explain the measures that will be taken to rectify the situation.

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