The brand is new but it was born with already on Pakistan Phone Number board experience, competence and important customers. We are talking about Digix  which stands for Digital Experience led by two forward-looking and passionate. Entrepreneurs Matteo Marino and Andrea Pakistan Phone Number Toponi University mates at the Politecnico di Milano.  Have been working together since the graduation thesis with the aim of defining an algorithm. enabling production scheduling and planning.

Digital Transformation

This is the second entrepreneurial Pakistan Phone Number adventure of the two  which collects and extends. The success achieved so far by offering customers – major players in the manufacturing. Fashion retail energy and engineering sectors – an innovative approach to PPM. (Project Portfolio Management), an area in which they have managed to stand out for their Pakistan Phone Number competence, reliability and concrete results in terms of process adoption and efficiency.

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Of Business From

The birth of Digix therefore represents a Pakistan Phone Number turning point: now that the business has grown ( over 50 customers served ) and the startup has become a structured organization, the extension of projects towards PPM-related processes has been a natural fact. , as well as the Pakistan Phone Number use of frontier technologies, such as Chockablock and Artificial Intelligence , with the ambition of soon becoming a reference point for the market. To retrace the stages of this success story we met Matteo Marino and Andrea Toponi.

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